About Us

We are a responsible breeder of American Bulldogs who want to bring joy to the world one puppy at a time.  Our high quality American Bulldogs are from champion bloodlines and will be your loyal and forever friend.

Amy Fiala | BFF American BulldogsHello,

My dog is my BEST FRIEND FOREVER!!!  There is so much warmth, comfort, cheer, and adventure in that friendship, it brings joy to my heart!  

Years ago during a challenging time in my life, I was lost and heartbroken.  I was in total despair and a hug from my dog was the only thing that could console me.  She was my loyal friend who helped heal my broken heart.  My gosh, I start to tear up just thinking about it.  I don’t know what I would have done without my brown-eyed girl, Kya.  We all have our struggles in life, and your dog BFF will always be there for you. My goal is to bring joy to the world one puppy at a time!!

My girl Bette, as in Bette Davis, is a gorgeous, strong, and loving girl who I know will have dazzling puppies with the same amazing temperament.  She passed her AKC Canine Good Citizen test in December of 2017, and we are presently in the process of registering with Pet Partners in hopes to do therapy work.  We are so excited!!

Our family enjoys daily runs or walks…… *especially the ones to the greenbelt* …..and snuggle time on the couch with a movie.  Bette even watches TV!! It’s too funny!!  Bette lives in the house with us, but we have our “She Shed” for a maternity room.  I say ours because I’ve decorated it and have a sleeping area in there as well.  The ceiling is even painted a sky blue with white fluffy clouds!  Haha, I may have gone overboard, but we love it in there!  It’s temperature controlled, with a soft bed in the whelping box, and a dog door to the yard.  Two weeks before her due date, she’ll start spending more time in the maternity room so that she has plenty of time to get comfortable before the coming births.  Once the puppies arrive, they stay in the whelping box with Bette and they enjoy her mommy milk.  On day 10 to 14, they start to open their eyes and begin to be little wiggles that wander.  At this point 3.5 weeks old, the front panel of the whelping box comes off and the puppies get to explore!  What excitement!!   They get their first deworming and Bordetella vaccination at 3 weeks, Parvo vaccination at 5 weeks, and DPV 5-way vaccination at 7 weeks.

At 5 weeks – we start potty training via the doggie door!  It’s their natural instinct not to potty in the ‘den’.  They will want to go outside, so we give them the opportunity to do what is natural to them.  We want to set them up for success!  I give BIG parties of praise when I see them going #1 or #2 outside to reinforce that I approve of this action.  The puppies will have complete access to their puppy yard and this is where the fun and play really begins!  Check out our Facebook page for videos!  During their time with me they get many baths, nail clippings, and ear cleanings.  This is to get them used to the grooming process – you will want to continue this when your puppy arrives.  Having a high value treat like peanut butter or cheese wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

At 8 weeks (where did the time go – it flies by!), all the puppies are 100% housebroken to the doggie door. This early training makes the housebreaking transition to their new home MUCH easier on the new owners.   You, the new puppy parent, will need to introduce them to their new doggie door at your home or take them out the same door every 2 hours for the first 2 weeks.  

When the puppies are 8 weeks old they are ready for their new forever homes!! (If a breeder tries to give you a puppy BEFORE it’s 8 weeks old, they are NOT a responsible breeder!  Separating a puppy from it’s mother too early can create a number of problems later in life. )  When the puppies leave our home they will be up-to-date on their shots, age appropriate, and deworming. They will also have had a vet check from my licensed veterinarian.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us – we hope to meet you soon!  Your BFF is waiting for you!

With joy + appreciation,

Amy Fiala